Welcome to Angery American Survival. This site is still new and we’re working on it so please bear with us. I’ll be adding new content all the time so sign up for the feeds so you’ll be notified when new posts or videos show up.

For those that know who I am I’ll share a little background with you. I’ve been studying survival skills for nearly twenty years. Both in the primitive bush craft side and the prepper side. While these may seem very distant from one another at first glance they actually mesh very well with one another. Even with all those years under my belt I do not consider myself a expert, not by a long shot. I think of myself as an eternal student. Always trying to reclaim those skills that we as modern people are rapidly losing. I hope to pass along the knowledge I have as well as learn from others that want to share, we are all students.



Here on Angery American Survival you’ll find articles and videos on skills like primitive shelter construction and fire construction as well as solar power and ways to make your family comfortable during a power outage. Whether your in the woods or your living room you have the same basic needs. And when you’re sitting in your living room some of those basic needs are already handled, shelter obviously, there are others that may actually be trickier to provide. Water comes to mind. In the bush it’s easy enough to find a creek, lake or pond. But when the power goes out and the well won’t run or the municipal supply is compromised, what do you then? I hope to share some ideas that we can all use.