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Saunya Rogers is proud to be one of far too few remaining Florida Crackers. She grew up on a Farm and Ranch-that has been in her family for generations-deep in the woods of Central Florida. She spent many a day playing in the swamp "dodging the gators and snakes". She is a descendant of Pioneers who helped settle and 'tame' not only Florida prior to statehood but most of the South as well.

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Saunya Rogers

Injured ankle

I don’t do well being stuck on the couch. I don’t handle being ‘down’ very well and I seldom take my own advice when it comes to something that limits me. I sprained my foot somehow-don’t even remember really what it was that did it. Could have been that I stepped in a hole in […]

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Go Native with your plants.

It’s not easy to sit back and write about preparing for local or national or even global events. Depending on a person’s location what I write about may not pertain to them in a personal way.  I live subtropical and I am blessed with almost a year round growing season, I have the beginnings of […]

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More about Saunya

In the Spring when I was younger I would spend the afternoons on the tractor with Pop tilling up the top ten acres or sitting in the mulberry tree eating berries til I was full and bored. Then I’d climb down and help him plant or help pull irrigation pipe over and connect it to […]

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