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Tex McBride is a rancher and homesteader who lives somewhere in the windy part of Wyoming. He grew up never wanting to be anything but a cowboy with animals and livestock always playing a large role in his life. It would be incorrect to label him a survivalist using the traditional definition most folks think of, but he does take pride in trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. If one were to come up with a comical label, you might say he is a "comfortablist." Going to the woods and constantly honing bushcraft skills is not really his thing, but working around the ranch to make sure things run smoothly acts as a constant teacher for him. If you want to read more about Tex, check out his full bio on the team page.


Then and Now

How come, when asked to describe a prepper or survivalist, people always think of some wild-eyed, camo clad conspiracy theorist? Most folks think of that one goofy ass caricature that probably couldn’t survive a week in any type of real SHTF event. Everybody completely overlooks the 330 million of us in this country who go […]

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Get your mental game into focus

When was the last time you recharged your mental batteries? With all of the survival skills that people take pride in, how many folks ever give the mental aspect much thought? I’m asking this, because I am one of the guilty ones who never really give it helluva lot of consideration. Now granted, I’m not […]

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So you want to be a homesteader

So you want to be a homesteader. Well, why aint ya? Husband, wife, kids, family, job, hair appointment, waiting to win the lottery, hoping the wife can see how getting along with the girlfriend can be beneficial. All are excuses. Yes, we all have family and work commitments, but we have to prioritize our wants […]

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