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Weather the Storm with these Safety Tips

Brant McGee, one of our team here at Angery American, in addition to being a star of Alone, the History Channel TV series, is also an often requested guest on local television for his expert advice on survival, both in the wilderness and when you’re hunkered down at home. Watch the video to get some […]

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Simple Water Supply Solution

  We’ve all experienced the power going out. Watching your favorite show and the lights go out or maybe coming home from work to find the house dark and stuffy. It’s a serious inconvenience but sometimes it allows us to slow down and evaluate what’s really important in our lives. One of those really important […]

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Morgan’s Squirrel Snares

I had a lot of questions on Facebook about the squirrel snares described in book 3 of the series. So here’s a quick video on how to make simple, yet very effective, squirrel snares using small gauge wire. Share! Like! Follow!

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Video-Emergency Lighting

Ever think about lighting in an emergency situations? There are really a lot of options you might consider. Check out this video on lighting where we cover a variety of options for you and your family. Share! Like! Follow!

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