I don’t do well being stuck on the couch. I don’t handle being ‘down’ very well and I seldom take my own advice when it comes to something that limits me.
I sprained my foot somehow-don’t even remember really what it was that did it. Could have been that I stepped in a hole in the yard or landed wrong coming down the porch steps or just plain did too much while wearing the cheap slip ons that don’t support my weak ankle. I knew better.
I also knew better when I kept staying on my feet for another day and didn’t rest. So here I am a couple days later with a hurting foot that is wrapped and propped up.
What have I learned?
To take the time to do what I knew I should have done. I knew not to wear those horrible flats while working outside. I know that my ankle needs support when I am up for long periods of time. It was crushed 30 years ago and even though a great doc put it all back together, it’s not the same and tends to cause problems.  If I don’t wearsupportive shoes  or I stay on my feet for too long I tend to walk on the side of my foot without even thinking about it…and since I didn’t I think I just kept walking wrong and it sprained or strained something.
I should have taken the time to put on the right work shoes and all this could have been avoided.

I also learned that I should have addressed the injury immediately-the MINUTE I felt some pain or discomfort. I should have rested and elevated my foot. But NOOOooooOOOOooo I had to just keep working to ‘walk it off’. Yeah fat lot of good that did me.

I need to realize it’s ok to ask for help. Yes I know my kids have their own stuff going on and my husband works out of the home but I should have asked for more help. They do a lot around here but I should have asked for just a little more.

Now in a SHTF scenario being down like this could be a disaster and could mean that we don’t eat or we don’t get the necessities done-why? because I didn’t take the time to wear the proper gear or immediately treat a possible injury nor did I ask for help when I could have.
Trying to be superhuman can be detrimental-and here this little object lesson proves it.

So I am sitting on the couch thinking about all the crocheting and quilting and reading I can get done and delegating a little more. It’s not ideal and I guarantee I will pay better attention next time.
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Saunya Rogers

Saunya Rogers

Saunya Rogers is proud to be one of far too few remaining Florida Crackers. She grew up on a Farm and Ranch-that has been in her family for generations-deep in the woods of Central Florida. She spent many a day playing in the swamp "dodging the gators and snakes". She is a descendant of Pioneers who helped settle and 'tame' not only Florida prior to statehood but most of the South as well.

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Saunya Rogers

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