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Portable Solar Power System

It’s been a a while since I put up an article. Life’s thrown a lot of things our way. My daughter has had a couple of medical issues, but we got through those and now things are getting better. So that’s allowed me the chance to get back to work on some projects and I’d […]

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Streamlight Siege Lantern

We have all been there at some point in our life. You’re sitting in your recliner enjoying your favorite show on the television or sitting down to dinner with family after a long day’s work. The lights flicker a couple of times and suddenly you are plunged into darkness. You wait for a few seconds […]

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Video-Emergency Lighting

Ever think about lighting in an emergency situations? There are really a lot of options you might consider. Check out this video on lighting where we cover a variety of options for you and your family. Share! Like! Follow!

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