Brant McGee

As a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and private military contractor in Africa, Brant must consider survival as a way of life rather than a hobby. The environments that he works not only have some of the most dangerous plants, animal, and landscape on Earth, but also some of the most dangerous human populations.

Born in North Carolina, Brant grew up hunting and fishing, both on the coast and on inland lakes and rivers. Beginning his military career in the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Survival Technician and helicopter rescue swimmer, Brant was introduced to land and sea survival and became interested in survival techniques. After his tour with the Coast Guard, Brant became a full time employee of the Army Guard where he served the remainder of his military career as a helicopter crewman and gunner. Brant utilized the survival skills he learned in his youth, as a combat veteran in Iraq, and throughout his military career to forge a deeper understanding and respect for various survival skills. Brant has traveled as far as the Arctic Circle to provide aviation survival courses and continues to live today by the ethos of survival that have kept him alive in some of the most challenging locations on planet.

For Brant, this adventure is not about money, the prize is in the challenge and personal development. Brant believes if his experience in survival has taught him anything, it is that survival is extremely dynamic and success or failure can hinge on but the smallest of factors. Brant is not a bush crafter and military survival, while utilizing some bush craft skills, is far different and Brant understands this and accepts this as his greatest challenge.