gwyn2Gwyn Liggett is a Wife, Mother, and Mimi. She resides in a Midwestern city with her husband, two of their three sons, two dogs, and 10 chickens. She considers herself a typical Mom taking care of her family and that prepping is just the next logical step.

Gwyn grew up as a military Brat and continues to be part of a military family. She has held a variety of paying jobs – from waitress, to tire/lube tech, to long haul truck driver (where she met her husband), to bookkeeper.  In 2014, she was able to return to the job she loves the best – stay at home Mom.

Gwyn strives daily to keep a lid on the creative chaos that is her household while expanding her practical knowledge and skills.  She gardens, cooks, crochets, sews, quilts,  pursues canning/food preservation and herbals, cares for an adult son with Autism, and is a voracious reader. It sure would help if she could get the laundry to do itself.

She writes about her experiences on the journey: the good, the bad, the funny, and the frustrating. She is also an admitted pack rat with no intention of reforming.