saunyarogersSaunya Rogers is proud to be one of far too few remaining Florida Crackers. She grew up on a Farm and Ranch-that has been in her family for generations-deep in the woods of Central Florida. She spent many a day playing in the swamp “dodging the gators and snakes”.  She is a descendant
of Pioneers who helped settle and ‘tame’ not only Florida prior to statehood but most of the South as well.

Hunting, fishing, farming and cattle ranching was an everyday part of her life and wasn’t just for fun-it was also the way food was put on the table. “Swamp cabbage, frog legs, gator tail and sweet taters wasn’t a rarity. It didn’t matter if there was money in the bank, you grew your own food and put it up for the year and went to the grocery once every two weeks or so for staples and maybe a little something extra.” She learned old Florida living first hand and doesn’t let anyone forget it.

After a few short stints city living she decided it wasn’t for her and some years back returned to her epic country roots.

She is married and has 6 children, a few of which are grown. While being a full time wife and mom is what she has spent the last 23 or so years doing she is also a trained doula, has done time as a midwife’s assistant, was once an  LMT, and even though she is an obsessive knowledge gatherer she is also a serial college dropout. “why pay for what you can learn for free-and really I don’t like being told what to think.” is her stance on that issue.

Saunya  is a homebirther, homeschooler, homesteader, herbalist, gardener epic crafter and all around rebellious gal. She loves to garden, read, write, debate, (she has been known to resurrect the odd dead horse just to beat it to death again) listen to music and tell ghost stories.